adds events for when expensive evnts (like scroll and resize) have ended. Demo @ http://beechbot.com/demos/endedEvents/



  • add the js
  • init like : endedEvents.init();
  • or - fancy like setting the throttle* endedEvents.init(50);
  • or - real fancy like endedEvents.init(50, $jquery); (to pass a specific version of jQuery)
  • we are defined as 'endedEvents' for AMD

* throttle

  • how often the timers are run in milliseconds.
  • lower numbers are run more frequently, but this is obviously more expensive.
  • defaults to 150

with JQuery

  • if you have jquery in scope, or you pass it to the init ....
  • you'll get some new events : 'scrollStopped', 'resizeStopped'
  • so you can use them like :
    $("#thing").on('scrollStopped', function(){
        // your function here ...

demo : (scroll or resize your browser to test)

or check your console ...

stoppedScroll :

stoppedResize :